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Bouncy House Customer Pick Ups

Princess Palace Playground
Princess Palace Playground

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Includes up to a 4 day rental
PlayTime Bounce House
PlayTime Bounce House

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Includes up to a 4 day rental
Pink Castle Bounce House
Pink Castle Bounce House

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Includes up to a 4 day rental
Rainbow Castle Bounce House
Rainbow Castle Bounce House

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Includes up to a 4 day rental

Easy online ordering

Customer Friendly Bouncy House Pickup Options With No Minimum Order

If you're ready for some excitement, or if you're scouting for distinctive party accessories for your upcoming festivity, be sure to swing by. We offer same-day curbside pickup options for all the do-ers out there. Yes, we're calling out to all the initiators and the crisis-averters.

At Bounce House Rental Company, we're all about igniting happiness and etching indelible memories. We also realize that sometimes people are on the lookout for more economical ways to host a party and have a ball. That's where we come in.

Our pick-and-go items are specially curated for those who are keen to turn up and drive away with a party-in-a-package. We rigorously examine each item, from inside out, clean them until they glisten, and have them set for you when you arrive. All pick-and-go items come with easy-to-understand setup instructions that you'll receive before you depart our warehouse. To enhance the deal, we offer 4-day rental options for the price of a 1-day rental (for instance: Friday–Monday). To make the offer even more enticing, all these benefits are available for immediate pickup as well. If the item you're seeking is available, it's yours to rent!

Selecting a pick-and-go item is the ideal way to infuse spontaneous fun into your life, light up numerous faces with joy, and craft memories that will stand the test of time. Our team is at your disposal to assist you with advice, and strategies, as well as answer any inquiries you may have. And we will be sure you have all of the setup and take down instructions before you leave with your bouncy.

So, what's stopping you? Get set to leap into the summer with our bouncy rentals. We promise it'll be a bouncing and thrilling escapade that you'll cherish forever!

 Easy 24/7 Online Ordering

  • Choose your item(s)
  • Select Friday for pickup Monday for drop off
  • Pay a small deposit to hold reservation
  • Pick up from our warehouse
  • Drop off at end of rental - it's that simple!

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  • Same-day pickups available
  • 4 days for the price of 1
  • Easy-to-use party rentals
  • Curbside pick up
  • Free cancellation

Easy 24/7 Online Ordering For Easy Customer Pick Up

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Can I Save Money And Pick Up My Bouncy?

Yes, you can pick up your party rentals. If you are looking for affordable party rentals in the Atlanta area with easy pick up options, you have come to the right place. Bounce House Rental Company is a guaranteed hit! For over a decade, we've been providing fun-filled party rentals to the City of Atlanta and its surrounding areas. We cater to a variety of events, including but not limited to backyard parties, school festivals, birthday parties, church carnivals, and high school events. We offer customer pick-up options for various categories including: Bouncy Houses, Dry Slides, Snack Machines including popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. To give your guests a place to relax, we also offer pick-up options for: Folding Tables and Folding Chairs. We look forward to helping you with our convenient curbside pick-up service to make your party planning even easier!

Our Service Area

Proud to Serve The Following Areas:

If your party or event is beyond that radius, just let us know! We may be able to make special accommodations to suit your event.

NOTE: Fees may vary depending on how far you are outside our service area.

Want To Pick Up Your Bouncy? You May Want To Also Consider:

Pick Up Dry Slide Rental


Amp up the fun with our slide rental pick-up! Easy to set up and safe for all, they're the life of any party. Just select, schedule, and swing by to pick it up. Let's slide into fun!

Pick Up Folding Table and Folding Chair

Folding Chairs & Tables

Comfort meets convenience when you pick-up your folding table and folding chair rentals. Perfect for any event, they're easy to transport and set up. Choose, schedule, and collect. Let's make your party comfy!

Pick Up Snack Machine

Snack Machines

Treat your guests when you pick-up snack machine rentals. Popcorn, cotton candy, or snow cones - we've got it all. Once you scheduled, just drop by to pick up. Let's add some flavor to your party!

Frequently Asked Questions About Picking Up Bouncy Houses

How many people can play in an inflatable at one time?

Ride loading varies by rider's size and age, equipment size, type and manufacturer. Some inflatables can safely handle more participants than others. General guidelines can be provided by our knowledgeable customer service team. In general, inflatable slides and interactive games allow one to two guests at a time. Most inflatable rides can safely hold between 4 and 10 guests depending on the size of the unit and ages of the riders. Safety recommendations and rules for operation will be provided to you when you pick up your rental items. Each ride has safety information located on the exterior of the ride and is the definitive source for identifying the safe operation of the ride. Adult supervision is required for safe operation of any inflatable unit.

Are your inflatables safe and clean?

Bounce House Rental Company continually purchases inflatables with the newest safety features. We search for manufactures that construct with quality and safety in mind! All of our units are constructed from commercial grade materials with double stitching. All of the materials are fire retardant. The windows of the bounces are made of specially designed mesh netting, which allows for easy viewing and minimizes the chances of getting entangled. All of our inflatables are cleaned and inspected after every rental and are routinely completely disinfected. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

I decided to pick up my ride to save money, what should I expect?

Picking up and setting up your party or event equipment is one way to save money on your rental. However, safety of our equipment along with you and your guests remaining a primary concern. The inflatables we routinely allow to be set up by customers range from 100 pounds to over 300 pounds. Transportation requires a large SUV (for a standard bounce house only), van, truck or trailer. Extra caution must be taken to ensure the bounce house is set-up safely and returned in the same condition as it was received. We highly recommend a minimum of two people for set-up and take-down.

What happens if I can't get my rental back to you?

If you are unable to return your units by the scheduled return date, then a $75.00 labor fee will be automatically imposed per unit, including $1 per mile, and a member of our Team will retrieve all rented items. Additional fees related to the recovery, including additional rental fees, may be charged as well.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made more than 24 hours from your delivery time result in a 100% refund. If we get less than 24 hours’ notice of your cancellation or need to reschedule, we will apply a 25% restocking fee to your order and refund you the balance.

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